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77-82 924/924S Bursch Tuned Cat Back Exhaust System

Increase your horsepower and torque with this Bursch Tuned Cat Back Exhaust System for 924 and 924S models. The unique combination of the Bursch Traditional Glass Pack and our Turbo Quiet Muffler offers the Distinctive Classic Deep Bursch Sound. Comes with Dual Resonated Chrome Exhaust tip

Bursch Tuned Header/Extractor Systems, Tuned Exhaust Systems and Headers have been dyno, track and street tested since 1958.

914, 924 Bursch Cat. Converter Replacement Pipe

This Bursch Racing Converter Replacement Unit reduces engine damaging heat and with better exhaust flow  will increase power and fuel economy.

Use of this Product for purposes other than solely for competition and off-road use is a violation of federal law and may violate applicable state or local environmental, motor vehicle and other laws. This product is intended for racing and off-road  vehicles which may never be used on a public road


Race Exhaust Megaphone Set, All Models

Megaphones connect directly to the heat exchangers. Sold as a pair.

*Legal in CA only for racing cars/may never be driven on highway. Megaphones are not painted.