76-77 924/924S Bursch Tuned Exhaust System

SKU: BX 2403
Type: Bursch Tuned Exhaust System
Models: 924, 924S
Years: 1976-1977
: Supplied with Adaptor for 76-77 49 State

Increase your horsepower and torque with this Bursch Tuned Exhaust System for 924 and 924S models. The unique combination of the Bursch Traditional Glass Pack and our Turbo Quiet Muffler offers the Distinctive Classic Deep Bursch Sound. Comes with Dual Resonated Chrome Exhaust tip


All Bursch Tuned Headers/Extractor Systems, Tuned Exhaust Systems and Headers now come with BruschTemp 1200 Degree High Heat Paint

Bursch Tuned Header/Extractor Systems, Tuned Exhaust Systems and Headers have been dyno, track and street tested since 1958.

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