BURSCH Woven Volcanic Rock Header Wrap 2 Inch x 25 Feet Basalt

Minimum Quantity: 25

2 Inch x 25 Feet Basalt


BURSCH VOLCANO WRAP (VW) is made from continuous filament basalt fiber and is engineered for protection from temperatures 1,500°F. When wrapped around exhaust pipes, the unique construction creates attractive and durable finished product.

Volcano Wrap is 25% stronger and provides a 300°F increase in temperature protection over fiberglass wrap. The product is very rugged, and will not exhibit any vibration damage over long periods of use.

The volcanic rock fiber wrap is easy to install and will provide years of protection and good looks

Withstands Heat up to 1,500°F

1/16th Wall Thickness,

Available in 1” and 2” Widths, 25’  and 50’ Lengths and in Black or Basalt 

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