83-89 944 Bursch Cat. Converter Replacement Pipe

SKU: BA 7915
Type: Cat. Converter Replacement Pipe
Models: 944
Years: 1983-1989
Fit Noted: This product is intended for racing and off-road vehicles which may n

This Bursch Racing Converter Replacement Unit reduces engine damaging heat and with better exhaust flow  will increase power and fuel economy.


All Bursch Tuned Headers/Extractor Systems, Tuned Exhaust Systems and Headers now come with BruschTemp 1200 Degree High Heat Paint.

Use of this Product for purposes other than solely for competition and off-road use is a violation of federal law and may violate applicable state or local environmental, motor vehicle and other laws. This product is intended for racing and off-road  vehicles which may never be used on a public road


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