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50-69 1 5/8 inch Racing Header/Extractor W/Flanged Collector

1 5/8th Racing Header. Muffler or Stinger optional, specify 356 or 912.

Bursch Tuned Header/Extractor Systems, Tuned Exhaust Systems and Headers have been dyno, track and street tested since 1958, and are designed to provide the best possible combination of increased power with a choice of sound levels and exit options.

All Bursch Systems are Mandrel Bent from 16 Gauge Steel for durability and merged for smooth flow.. Designed, tested, and built to the finest hand-made integrity found in any exhaust system.

All Bursch Tuned Headers/Extractor Systems, Tuned Exhaust Systems and Headers now come with BruschTemp 1200 Degree High Heat Paint

55-65 356, 65-69 912 Stinger

Racing Singer for All 356, 912 With Bursch Extractor / Tuned Exhaust Systems with Flanged Collector